Don’t let Burning Man Turn into Christmas

Many people have told me to go to burning man.
The say it will change your life forever. Is that what I need? I’ve gone to may festivals this summer and wondered if the burn was anything like a music festival. Many have said “No its nothing like a music festival””there’s no money everything is for trade and the Art is amazing!!!” Well I do already fill my life with art and barter and I live my life like its a enlightening experience everyday.
I did notice a few things at the festivals I do go to, many folks are there for one reason and one reason only. To get as high as possible. Now whether that is them just escaping the world or exploring new dimensions to reality it’s all good. Or they are just happy to be away from their year long boring 9-5 job. I do know quite a few who go for the vibes alone ,drug free but they are few. But most just want to let go of it all for a while. I can understand the need for that. Oh yea, forgot to mention the great music lineup at some of these festivals and the amazing musical collaborations!
But for whatever reason you go please do me one favor,when your out there on the playa remember this:
This feeling your having of kindness ,wonder, yoga, self expression, appreciation for art and the earth should be felt 365 days a year.
Don’t you agree?
Don’t let the burn turn into Christmas , celebrate all year!
Let the spirit of consciousness and compassion for others follow you back to society so it can affect the main stream.
Peace all and have fun at the burn!
I’ll be at home on my meditation cushion watching via the astral plane.
~Michael Vee

Don’t get me wrong ,if I had the opportunity to go to the burn I would go in a heartbeat!


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