20140806-091500.jpgDancing with Paint
I arrive at the festival with no expectations.
Absorbing as much visual stimulus as possible. Noticing patterns and trends among the festival goers as well as the natural surroundings. Not knowing what I’m going to paint this helps spark my creativity. I see what people are gravitating towards. I then pick a subject matter. One relatable but on the edge of reason. Something to inspire others to ask questions about themselves and reality.
Next I scout out a spot near the stage.
Usually off to the side of the stage but as close as possible but leaving enough room for folks to dance.
I begin setting up my easel and paints.
I reach into my bag of paints and the fist tube I grab begins the color of the background. This usually ends up being blue. I tend to have many shades of blue in my bag. And so It has begun! Lately I start with thick brush strokes to give it some direction. Through this process I have learned many things. Like how to channel the energy of a crowd and tricks to tapping in.
When finished painting the art will speak to me.
My paintings are like dreams.
Everyone has their own interpretation
The symbols mean different things to each of us.
Much like life, we add meaning to it.
I create windows of art to encourage mindful wandering.
Portals of imaginative energy.
Tickets to a dream.
I paint reflections of us.
~Michael Vee20140806-091532.jpg



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