Festival Run Rain Dancing Reggae in the Sierra Nevada Hills

I have been on the road for close to 3 weeks now going from festival to festival.

This particular trip began with Raindance Music festival where I caught a ride from Tahoe via the facebook event page.

Arriving there without a ticket. I had a ticket plan but that fell through. So naturally I befriended the people volunteering at the front gate and when their shift was over I convinced them to give me the reflective vest and flashlight they were using to direct traffic. I proceeded to volunteer my time until 5 am. All the while getting to know the staff and other volunteers. When everyone else s shift came to an end they all looked at me and realized I hadn’t gotten a wristband yet and so they gave me one. The kindly told me I didn’t have to voulenteer any more of my time since I worked such a long shift. Making my way into the fest at 5:30 am was quite interesting. Music still Raging! I set up my hammock and fell asleep. The next few days were a blur of paint and familiar faces. So much fun…so hot….


..so next I’m off to Reggae in the Hills, stopping by Lake Tahoe to do some laundry and grab some food. I hop in my brothers car who just happens to be moving that next day to San Diego. Jumping out at Angels Camp I arrive to Reggae in the Hills 3 days early.

Upon arriving at the fairgrounds early I met some amazing folks. Helping Josh Rosato with the awesome shade structure was a great learning experience. Giving me a ton of new ideas for paintings..10352405_10203974001649398_5020329827866850896_n 10372181_10203967023754955_6960174644414530505_n

Thanks to Josh Dickle who Invited me to come and paint at this festival I had a blast! I met so many new lifelong friends.10353568_10152079605497610_3648078965739252454_n10421969_10204006131652628_4040092372532794574_n10450971_10203965412714680_8620308398541226261_n

While at reggae in the hills I met a man.
A man who sells sexy women’s clothing.
I jumped in this mans van and whet to Santa Cruz for a few days.
Then we went to Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
I helped this man set up his vending spot at the next festival. Another great way to get into festivals.


20140624-213209.jpg Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2014
I was overjoyed to get the chance to paint with my new artist friends!
s20140624-213312.jpgsome of my art from the fest



After this I headed on to High Sierra ,Oregon Country Fair and Wanderlust.


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